Tips for Shaving Others

Tips for Shaving Others

1.Gather what you need: 2 bowls of warm water, wash cloths, towels, disposable razor (Or electric shaver) and shaving cream.

2.Stop. If the person takes blood thinner medication, it’s best to use an electric shaver. It’s also faster.

3.Encourage the person to do as much as they can. You can help by handing them supplies or holding the mirror.

4.Wash face with washcloth. Rinse. Place warm cloth over face for a few minutes to prepare the skin for shaving. This softens their beard and prevents pulling when you shave.

5.Shaving: Pull skin tight and move shaver across face in small circles. If you notice pulling, clean shaver.

6.If using a razor: Put shaving cream, the size of a loonie, in your hands and lather up and apply to areas of face to be shaved.

7.Shaving with razor: Pull skin tight. Shave in direction of hair growth. Use short strokes. Rinse razor after every pass.

Sometimes they may have some bleeding after a shave.Simply put a small piece of tissue paper over the area and apply direct pressure until bleeding stops. It may take a few minutes.