How to Use an Epi Pen

How to Use an Epi Pen


“Blue to the sky, Orange to the Thigh”

5 Steps To Using An Epi-Pen

  1. Hold the Epi-Pen firmly with the BLUE tip facing up (“blue to the sky”)
  2. Pull straight up on the blue safety cap to remove it.
  3. Push the ORANGE end of the Epi-Pen firmly into their outer thigh until you hear a click (“orange to the thigh”). It’s OK to give the injection through their clothes.
  4. Hold for 3 full, slow seconds.
  5. Pull Epi-en away from their thigh.

After Giving An Epi-Pen

•Always call 911 immediately after giving an Epi-Pen injection.

•Always see a doctor after a severe allergic reaction.

•Stay with the person you are caring for while you wait for medical help to arrive.