How To Use a Communication Board

How To Use a Communication Board

When people are hard of hearing, sometimes it’s easier to use a Communication Board. An example is shown below & the full size copy is on the next page. Feel free to print & use ours or create your own!

How To Use It:

•Point to the picture or phrase that you want to communicate to the person you are speaking to.
•Give them the Board so they can reply back. Have a pad handy in case they want to write their reply.
•Over time, note the most common words, phrases & topics & add those to your communication board.

Create Your Own Board!

•It doesn’t have to be pretty! You can literally cut out a picture of, say, a pizza and tape it on a piece of paper.
•Put down the most common communication points on your board.
•Tape it by the bed and / or where you communicate most often.