Falls Prevention Checklist

Use this handy checklist to help prevent dangerous falls for the person in your care.

On the Stairs
☐ Always keep objects off the stairs
☐ Install handrails along the stairs and ensure they are secure.
☐ Install night lights with motion detect.
☐ Install non-slip tape on the stairs.
☐ Always wear well-fitted shoes or slippers. Wear low heels and non-slip soles.
Outside the Home
☐ In the fall, ensure water and leaves are swept up along the walk path.
☐ In winter, ensure that you salt the driveway and remove as much ice as best you can.
☐ Suggest that they stay indoors when the weather is extreme e.g. slippery on excess snow or ice.
☐ Offer to pick up the mail or walk the dog.
In the Bathroom
☐ Ensure bathtub plug is easy to reach and use (attach a chain to spout).
☐ Install non-slip decals no more than 2" apart on bottom of tub
☐ Remove slippery fabric mats / install nonslip mats if mats are desired.
☐ Install grab bars on toilets, tubs & showers (at least two bars in the tub). Ensure grab bars are secure and don’t move when used.
☐ Consider installing shower seats and a hand-held shower
☐ Consider installing a raised toilet seat.
☐ Move furniture so it’s not blocking walkways; also reroute electrical cords and other objects
☐ Use night lights to maximize visibility; install lights around hallways and stairwells.
☐ Use chairs with arm rests
☐ Remove scatter rugs or slippery fabric mats.
☐ Get up slowly from a laying or sitting position to prevent dizziness.
General Tips
☐ Remove stools and step ladders; move things down from higher storage
☐ Dispose of old chairs with no arm rests.
☐ If you have oxygen tubing, keep tubing away from feet when walking.
☐ Use stabilizing equipment like walkers and canes.