Proper Disposal of Sharps

There is a special category of medical waste known as sharps. These include any item with pointy or sharp edges that can puncture the skin. They are considered bio-hazardous medical waste because they are likely to have blood on them. It’s extra important that sharps are disposed of correctly!

Simply place all SHARPS in a box called a “Sharps Container”. You can get approved bio-hazard containers from your pharmacist and return the container to pharmacist when full to get a new one.

Here are some examples of sharps:

  • Auto-injectors
  • Injection pens
  • Injectors
  • Lancets (diabetes needles)
  • Needles
  • Prefilled pens
  • Syringes
Disposal Don'ts
Never put any sharps in your garbage, recycling, or organics bin.
Never flush any sharps down your toilet.
Never re-cap needles — you could accidentally prick yourself.

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Learn about the Ontario Sharps Return Program (OSRP) which is an easy way to dispose of any sharps you may have in your home.