Overcoming Worry Exercise

Overcoming Worry Exercise

If you are feeling worried, try this exercise:

Think about what’s worrying you. Can you do anything to change it?

1.Make a list of your worries.
2.Separate them into things you CANNOT change and
3.Things you CAN change.
4.Make a to-do list based on the things you CAN CHANGE. Commit to taking action on your to-do list by giving yourself a time frame to complete your tasks.

Did you know?
Worry is not good for the body — caregivers are 5x more likely to get sick than non-caregivers.

Worrying about something beyond your control causes unnecessary stress to you and makes it harder to cope.

1) What I'm worried about:
Example: "I'm worried about hurting my back when I help the person I'm caring for."
2) Things I CAN’T control: 3) Things I CAN control:
Example: “They need my help & there is no one else to count on but me.” Example: “I can improve my strength & learn how to prevent injuries.”
4) How I’m going to take action:
Example: “1. Today, I will watch a video on preventing caregiver injuries. 2. I will exercise 3 times/week for 30 mins.