Caring for Someone With Ostomy

Caring for Someone With Ostomy

Colour • Make sure the stoma is pink or red, NOT Blue —it could indicate bowel obstruction.

Consistency • Look for consistency of fecal matter: not too hard or too soft (watery).

Skin Care • Provide good skincare around the stoma to avoid skin breakdown, rashes, etc.

Barrier Cream • Apply skin barrier cream around the stoma to prevent feces coming into contact with the skin.

Pouch Changes • Change the pouch as often as needed.

Clothing • Make sure clothing isn’t too tight around the ostomy pouch.

Gas Bulging In Bag • If the pouch is bulging, there might be some gas from the stomach. You can release the gas by simply opening the pouch.

Easier Clean Up • If the pouch is looking really messy, you can clean up easier by just removing it and taking a shower.

Diet Tips: Foods to Avoid
Asparagus Broccoli
Cabbage Eggs
Fish Garlic
Liquor Onions
Beans Beer
Cabbage Cheese
Onion Soda Pop
Cabbage Coffee
Fruit Green Beans
Liquor Spicy Food